Walser Law Firm Welcomes New Litigation Attorney as “Of Counsel”

Posted on Jan 24, 2020 in

Jay Kauffman Headshot - Walser Law Elder Law & Estate/Trust Admin Attorney

The Walser Law is pleased to announce a new of counsel relationship with Jay L. Kauffman, Esq., to increase the range of services the firm provides to the Florida community to include litigation in the areas of probate, trust and guardianship.

Jay Kauffman represents individuals and families in prosecuting and defending claims regarding estates, trusts and guardianships, including disputes over: the validity and construction of testamentary documents and advanced directives; the modification or reformation of estate plans; the mental capacity of alleged incapacitated persons; the existence and sufficiency of lesser restrictive alternatives to guardianship; the appointment of guardians; and breaches of fiduciary duty in the administration of estates, trusts and guardianships.

“We are excited to have Jay join the firm, so that we can offer our clients a full-service experience with regard to probate administration. Whether the estate requires a basic probate administration, or a more complicated scenario requiring a professional executor or litigation counsel, the Walser Law Firm can be the one-stop solution,” says Thomas R. Walser, Esq., one of the firm’s senior partners.

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