Who We Help

The Walser Law Firm has been serving the Florida community, primarily the area of Palm Beach County, for more than 30 years.  As such, we have experience with a wide array of family issues, lifestyles, and individual concerns related to estate planning or generally protecting assets located in the state of Florida.

Some of the types of clients we help are:

  1. Middle-aged to elderly individuals and their families
  2. Children of elderly / ailing parents
  3. Families in need of special needs planning
  4. Blended families (second spouses and / or children from different marriages)
  5. LGBT clients
  6. Temporary or part-time South Florida residences
  7. Out of state professions and firms with clients that have assets in Florida

Our primary clients are middle aged individuals and families that are interested in getting their estate plan in order so they can protect themselves in the event of an emergency, or solidify their desired intentions upon their passing.  We also assist the adult children of aging parents who are looking to get their parents affairs in order, or who need guidance about making assisted living decisions or proceeding with a guardianship. These can all be sensitive issues since it is usually difficult for an aging parent to admit they are losing their memory or general ability to care for themselves.  We have dealt with a number of these cases and can help sort through the various considerations related to the situation at hand, in order to make a well informed decision on how to move forward and provide for proper care.  These decisions can involve a large range of factors including assisted living, skilled nursing, nursing homes, hospice, Medicaid planning or emergency/crisis planning.

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Given Florida’s prominence as a retirement destination, having quality probate and trust resources ready at a moment’s notice is important. At Walser Law, we also understand that for many family members, these can be challenging and difficult processes to navigate, particularly in the wake of a loved one’s passing.

We can assist with probating estates through a variety of administrative processes including formal, summary, and ancillary probate. We also gladly offer trust assistance to personal representatives and trustees in carrying out their duties as administrator.

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South Florida is home to many individuals and families with unique living arrangements and lifestyles. We have experience dealing with clients that are married couples, unmarried, second and third marriages with various living arrangements involving stepchildren, as well as planning for the LGBT community and same-sex couples. Each type of arrangement presents its own unique concerns, which can often be mitigated if addressed appropriately and proactively.

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Many families with special needs children worry about adequately providing care for their loved ones upon their passing, or in case of an emergency. Special needs trusts can provide benefits to, and protect the assets of the physically or mentally disabled. Special needs trusts are frequently used to receive an inheritance or personal injury settlement proceeds on behalf of a disabled person or are funded from the proceeds of compensation for criminal injuries, litigation or insurance settlements.

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Our law practice offers probate and estate planning services to clients of professionals located in the northeastern United States, with particular attention to the states of New York and New Jersey.  We routinely deal with CPAs, accountants, financial planners, private bankers and other attorneys that need to outsource work to be done for their clients that have real property or other assets located in Florida.  We have worked with individuals and families that have varied degrees of connectivity to Florida, whether it be that Florida is their domicile, their winter abode, or simply the home state of an extended relative which has unexpectedly left them millions.

Our level of interaction with the client or clients varies depending on the desires of the referring professional as well as the needs of the particular client.  As long as we are provided with adequate information regarding the situation, we are comfortable with the referring professional remaining as the point/ contact person, who maintains exclusive communication with the client.  We understand there are many professionals that maintain a network of clients and relationships that they have developed over many years.  These professionals at times would like to remain the primary service provider for their clients.  This isn’t a problem at Walser Law.

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In Conclusion

We take pride in assisting our clients to the best of our ability and enjoy providing our services to residents of the Florida community, as well as to those professionals in the Northeast that need to outsource a limited amount of work regarding their client’s Florida assets.

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