Northeastern Firms Consultation Policy

Experienced Florida Estate Planning and Probate Counsel

The Walser Law Firm specializes in providing legal services regarding estate planning, elder law and probate administration, and has done so for more than 30 years. The firm was founded in 1983 to serve the Florida community, primarily Palm Beach County. Our firm now handles complex cases throughout the entire state, including the ability to handle probate cases in every one of the sixty-seven (67) counties of Florida.  

The Walser Law Firm regularly works with our legal colleagues and other professionals from other states who have estate planning and probate matters in Florida.  We work with CPAs, accountants, financial planners, private bankers and other attorneys who need to outsource work or consult with Florida counsel.

These professionals refer their snowbird clients who live in the northeastern United States, particularly in New York and New Jersey, and who own property in Florida.  We also work directly with individuals and families who maintain various degrees of connectivity to Florida, either as the location of their domicile, second home, or as the beneficiary of a Florida relative.

Referring Cases to Our Florida Estate Planning and Probate Firm

From acting strictly as consultants, to partnering with out-of-state lawyers or taking over the case entirely, our legal team adapts our services to the referring attorneys’ needs.

The agreement we come to with the referring attorney will guide the level of interaction we have with your clients.  For example, we can arrange to communicate only with you while you maintain exclusive contact with your client.  If this is the case, we will clearly outline all the information we need from you to effectively serve your client’s best interests.  We recognize you have developed a network of clients over many years — just as Walser Law Firm has done in South Florida — and we honor your role as the primary service provider.

We offer free consultations to other professionals, including CPAs, accountants, financial planners, private bankers and lawyers, to determine whether our services are warranted in a specific instance and to discuss how we can best serve their clients.

New York and New Jersey Licensed Associates

Several attorneys at our Florida firm are licensed to practice law in other states. We are thus able to offer comprehensive estate planning and probate services to clients with dual ties to northeastern states and Florida.

Probate Services We Offer to Professionals’ Clients

Because of e-filing capabilities, every probate attorney at the Walser Law Firm is able to effectively handle probate matters in every jurisdiction in Florida – not just Boca Raton. Probate services we offer include:

  • Formal estate administration
  • Summary estate administration
  • Ancillary administration of Florida property
  • Petition to admit a foreign will to probate
  • Filing of Caveat by Creditors and related proceedings
  • Disposition of exempt personal property without administration
  • Will deposit for non-probated estate
  • Petition to the court for Letters of Curatorship
  • Filing of a trust instrument and associated trust proceedings
  • Filing of complaint regarding trust disputes

Learn How Our Florida Attorneys Can Assist Your Client in Probate Court

We welcome attorneys and other professionals to consult with the Walser Law Firm on Florida probate and estate planning matters. Please call our Boca Raton main office or our Palm Beach Gardens office location by calling (561) 750-1040 or email us to discuss how we can help you meet your client’s needs.

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